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The cardboard box has been around for nearly two hundred years and isn’t going anywhere. It’s something we take for granted because we see them all the time so they go unnoticed. When you think about it, in themselves, they don’t actually do anything. They just are. When you think of important tools things like hammers, screwdrivers, nails, drills, screws and more all come to mind but not the humble cardboard box. It’s an underappreciated item that is used all over the world every day. It can house anything from books to money, important documents, family memories and more. They are children’s play things and they are a superior storage facility. They are a weapon to be used against the hard work of moving home and office and that is why has them at hand.

If you’re planning to move or are already in the process then you should give us a call. Immediately we can help you any step of the way. At the beginning we can give you advice and in the middle we can help you move your goods, towards the end we can store or set them up. Whatever you need us to do we’ll happily do. Packing is the quintessential image of moving and that is why we train our staff to be experts at it. Organising all your items, what should go with what, what can be packed together, what needs to be separate what needs special containers, what needs to be taken apart are all things we know about and will have them all done within hours.

We have the most experienced, helpful and friendly staff available and they’ll make everything secure by wrapping it up using things such as bubble wrap that will keep things safe even when bound and pressed together. Then we bring out the big guns as this is were our boxes begin to shine. We have them in all shapes and sizes so whatever you need moving we can take care of it. Cardboard may be versatile (and recyclable) but sometimes more powerful tools are needed. Plastic, wood or metal, whatever we need we can get a box made out of it and that means your things are safer. To make sure everything can be transported, removed and later set up properly we can take part large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and then reassemble for you again later, making the whole job easier and less unwieldy.

Boxes HackneyWe don’t stop at packaging as we wouldn’t be much of a removal company if we didn’t. Once everything’s securely packed we’ll load them onto our vehicles for you. We take care not to drop or bash them about, an avoid damaging the building we’re taking them from. Everything is placed inside the vehicle with similar care, so that on the way they are steady. Once your things are at your new address we’ll start unpacking things for you. We’ll take them out of the boxes, unwrap, rebuild and set everything up, taking all the same safety precautions that we took when doing everything in opposite. Packing, transporting and unpacking an average two bedroom home can take a day so within twenty-four hours your moving nightmare will be over.

So once you’ve called us on Call Now! and we’ve given you the information you need and a quote we’ll be right over with cardboard boxes aplenty to show you how a simple thing can help make the bigger things in life that much easier.