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Have you ever heard about someone who has moved from their home in the UK and gone abroad and thought how you’d love to do that? You’d imagine how fun and exciting it would all be relocating to somewhere like Spain of France but then you’d crash back down to earth. You’d think how it would never happen because you’d never be able to afford it or it would be too much work. It was something that happened to other people and not yourself. If you thought it was nothing but a dream then you are wrong. can make this dream come true as we are a quality removal service who can help you to move overseas. It may seem like an impossible task but we don’t believe this. We have helped many people move from Hackney into new homes in the EU and you could be the next one. Just by giving us a call on Call Now! we can move you further from the impossible and closer to a new life. We can talk you through the process, give you advice and let you know what you’re in for. If you choose to recruit us then we give a quote for our survives and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with what we charge.

Once you’ve picked out your new EU home you should go there several times before you make final purchase. Inspect the area top to bottom to get a feel for it and so you know it has everything you need. Meet your potential neighbours and ask them about the region and what it’s really like. You will have to consider what steps you need to take as far as jobs go as you don’t want to move across the world just to be unemployed without a penny to your name. If you have children you will have to think about schools that you can enrol them in.

EU MovesOnce all this is sorted then we can begin to help you move. We will assist you with all the packaging by proving the necessary materials such a bubble wrap to protect your goods and then all the different types of containers you could need. We will make sure everything is done properly so nothing is lost or broken, and that everything can be safely lifted and transported. We’ll then take all your things and transport them to your new home and we can have everything ready for you when you arrive. If you don’t want that we can keep everything in safe and secure storage containers until you need them, as we can keep hold of them for any amount of time and deliver then when desired. We can also ship over your vehicle too so there’s no need to buy a new one.

What makes international moves most stressful is all the paperwork that’s involved but we wouldn’t be much use if we didn’t take care of this for you. There are so many forms to fill in such as registering with the authorities, citizenship, insurance and more but we have the knowledge and experience to do them all. We can converse in the local language so we can finalise your move by sorting out customs and shipping companies.

Then, once everything is done all that is left for us to do is drive you to your new home. As soon as you arrive you’ll realise how easy the process and how you managed to make your international dreams a reality all thanks to