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About Us is a removal service based in Hackney. We work hard to give our customers the best service possible by providing high quality moving assistance at affordable prices. We endeavour to cover all aspects of a home or office move so that whatever our customers need help with we can provide it to them. Our flexibility allows us to help each of clients personally, helping and charging them specifically to their needs rather than different packages that may not be exactly what they require.

We employ the best staff there is. Our focus on people is key because if we hire the best and strive to help our customers on a personal level then we are providing the best moving support possible. Each member of team is good at their job and will be experienced and further trained by us to ensure that they can do everything our customers need of them. Whether it be organising items, packing, loading, transporting, setting up, dismantling and rebuilding furniture, out staff are willing and able to do it in a swift and skilled manner. This is not just what we look for however as we also want individuals who are friendly, patient and approachable so they’re there for our clients. If at any time they have a complaint or a query, we want our patron to bring it up with a member of our team so that they can gets the answers and assistance they need. We want to be known for out pleasant personality rather than our moving skills but we are adamant that we have both in equal measure.

We offer a wide range of moving services which allows us to help anyone if they are in the process of or are contemplating a relocation. We can just offer tips and guidance if that is all that is needed of us but we love to be more active. If we help a customer with their packing then we provide the materials and manpower they need to complete the task. We’ll do everything carefully to guarantee the safety or their belongings throughout the whole step because we never want to loose our clients’ trust. We take the same precautions when loading and transporting goods so we never cause any damage. We don’t leave our customers burdened once we’ve transported their goods as we’ll help to unpack and set everything up at their new address.

We still go further than this by offering storage facilities in which we can hold onto as many things as we are required, for as long as needed. The area secure to prevent any unsolicited access to containers and each one is built to withstand bad weather, high/low temperatures and other environmental hazards. As an extra precaution we safe wrap all items and stack and place them so that that there is no risk of boxes collapsing, things being crushed or liquids leaking onto other goods.

We don’t just cover the Hackney area as we can help a client move anywhere in the EU. We go the extra mile for international moves helping with all the extra paper and legal work. We can communicate with locals in the native language and will help with additional aspects such as transporting vehicles and taking our clients from wherever they land straight to their new home.

Our dedication to our customers is second to none so if your are in the process of a move or are just considering it, give us a call on Call Now! and we’ll do everything we can to provide a swift and simple move.