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When you’re moving home or office you want to get through the packing as quickly as possible. You have to organise all your things, first thinking about what items n


eed to go together, how much wrapping you need and then how many containers and boxes you’ll have to obtain. Once all this is done you move onto the act itself and it can take a long time. Absolutely everything you own from small items like DVDs and files to bigger things like televisions and computers need to be warped and boxed properly. Once it’s all done you feel relived that the hardest step of moving is over but you’ve overlooked something important; your furniture.

At first you may think your furniture isn’t an issue as there’s less of it but you soon realise that you can’t just pack a desk like you would smaller items, and you can’t just put a table into a box and it isn’t easy to put a bed into the back of a van so you start to think that you may need some help and that’s when you should call and we’ll take care of all your problems. As soon as you get in touch we can give you advice and tips, not to mention a free quote on the services you require from us.

Once we arrive at your home we’ll get to work. If your furniture is too big to handle we can disassemble it carefully so it’s not only easy to wrap but also so we can carry out of your home or office easier which can prevent injuries as well as making it easier to navigate through and avoid damaging the building. We have all the materials necessary to wrap your furniture. Bubble wrap is a valuable material that will protect all your things from bumps and scratches but also from dust and liquid. It’s readily available, cheap and cam be applied and removed with ease. We take care when removing everything form it’s original location, Our team are strong and skilled so they know how to carry large and heavy items. They also know how to get things out of buildings so they can remove things without damaging anything. They then load all your belongings using the same care.

Furniture Removals HackneyThe transport we provide is suited for whatever you’re moving so we have lorries that can carry even the largest of items. Everything will be stacked and secured properly so when your things are on the road they won’t get knocked about. Our drivers take the best routes to ensure that we get your things we’re they needed and on time. If you don’t need your things straight away then you can take advantage of our storage facilities in which we can keep hold of your furniture for as long as you need it. Everything will be secured in containers that are protected from the environment and people so there’s no worry of you things being damaged or lost. You have access to your things seven days a week and we can bring them straight to you.

Our team of movers is one we’re proud of as they have a friendly and helpful work ethic. They are here to help you with whatever you need for your move so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions or concerns you have. Our services is at a price you can afford so call us now on Call Now! to see how can help you with all your furniture removal needs.