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Tips For Saving Money On Removal Services

Posted on 22/04/2015

Moving to a new home can be very expensive, and removals in London can sometimes be very costly. From agency fees to end of lease cleaning services, there are lots of things that can cause you to tighten the purse strings and watch how much you’re spending. If you’re on a budget but you still want to hire a removals company then don’t panic – you can get yourself a bargain and save yourself a bit of cash if you follow these helpful tips!

1)    Choosing your moving company.
If you’re looking to hire professional help on a budget then the first thing you need to do is compare the prices of companies that you’re interested in. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations of services, and try looking online for well-regarded and experienced movers. Once you have a selection of companies that you’re interested in hiring, it’s time to find out what sort of prices they have to offer. Many companies will be able to give you price quotes, so shop around to find the best deals.

2)    Choosing your service.
Different relocation services will cost different amounts, so be sure of the service that you’re looking for if you want to find the best price possible. If you’re only looking for a removals van then don’t be tempted to hire a different service because of a great offer, and if you’re looking for movers don’t compromise and hire a man with a van just to stick to your budget. If you spend enough time searching, you should be able to find your ideal service for the right price, just be prepared to put the work in! If you’re hiring more than one service, like a packing service and furniture removals, then ask your company to see if they can give you a discounted rate. Don’t be afraid to ask for deals and price-cuts, as this is often the best way to get the price you’re looking for!

3)    Packing supplies.
You don’t need to spend a fortune to find suitable packing materials. Moving boxes can be sourced for free from your local supermarkets and shops – just make sure to reinforce them with packing tape as they are second-hand! You can also use newspapers and magazines to pad out boxes with fragile items, but be aware that newspaper print can rub off onto some items and ruin them. If you’re looking for cheap alternative to bubble wrap or foam packing peanuts, why not try wrapping your fragile belongings in towels or bed sheets? You can also save on the cost of a wardrobe box, by moving all of your clothes in suitcases. There are lots of ways to save on the cost of moving supplies if you’re creative with items that you already have in your home, such as storage drawers, backpacks and more!

4)    When to move.
If you have some flexibility when it comes to choosing your moving day, then it’s good to pick a day that’s going to be less popular for house movers. Weekends, bank holidays and evening moves can often be more expensive than other times, so it’s worth asking your moving company about their availability and their change in prices. Try to pick a weekday where possible, and choose times that might not be as popular as others to get yourself a great rate.

Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.