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Office Moving Tips

Posted on 01/05/2014

Are you moving your business into a new office? There’s possibly nothing more stressful than planning an office move. If you encounter any problems or make any mistakes then you might find that your business suffers, meaning that you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your office move is quick, efficient and professional. If you’re moving into a new office and you need some help and advice then here are some great tips for you and your company! 1)    Hire a professional office removal company or service.Moving into a new office is a very stressful time, and only the help of a professional removal company can help you. Start looking for removal companies and services that specialise in office removals and read as many reviews and customer comments as possible. It’s a good idea to ask around for recommendations from your friend, family and other business-owners, as this will give you a good idea of what to expect. You’re going to be trusting your professional movers with expensive office equipment and lots of precious files and paperwork, so make sure you’ve taken the time to hire a reliable and experienced company that you feel that you can trust! 2)    Making lists.It’s now time to start the actual planning. A good idea is to make lists of what needs to be done so that you have time to complete everything. Start by making a schedule of what needs to be done and by when – consider packing, loading your removal vehicles and the time it will take to unpack and have your new office ready for work. It’s also important to consider what can be packed immediately, and what needs to stay in the office for as long as possible so that work can resume. 3)    Arranging your new office.If you can, try to get hold of the blueprints and layout of your new office. It’s also a good idea to take down any and all measurements (including windows and doors) so that you can predict how your furniture can be moved in with ease. Start planning the layout of your office in as much advance as possible so that your movers can get straight to work in setting it up. Be aware of things such as internet connection and phone connection points, lighting and the space you have for desks so that you can be ready for anything without having to face any nasty surprises! 4)    Ensure everything is ready for work.Lots of people get so preoccupied with their moving day that they forget about the practical elements that need to have been taken care of. Your internet provider should have already installed anything necessary for your company before moving day so that your employees can get straight to work. The same applies to telephone connections and even things such as printers and photocopy machines. Test everything before moving day so that you can fix any issues or problems that you might have before your employees come back to work – otherwise you could end up losing valuable time and even money! All of your electronic equipment should be ready to set-up, and it’s important that you make sure that there will be no delays in getting your business back up and running. You might require the help of specialists to do this, so shop around to find reliable servicemen and good deals.
Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.