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Man And Van Ideal For Student Moves!

Posted on 05/12/2014

If you’re a student and need to hire some form of removal services to relocate your belongings, then you might want to consider your best option… the man and a van service! Now available as a service offered by most removal companies, the man and van option constitutes both cheap removals and is ideal for small removals, notably growing in popularity among students finishing up their term at University, or even for graduates needing to move out of halls or their shared accommodation!As a student it’s amazing what you can amass in just a year. Your books alone probably weigh a tonne and let’s not forget all your bedding that mum and dad sent you off with! You wouldn’t be without your feather-down quilt or memory foam pillow. However you won’t enough belongings to warrant hiring movers to carry out a full removal company service, so the man and a van option is definitely worth considering!Another fantastic aspect to hiring the man and a van is that it is affordable. Most students are far from flush, and the majority of moving companies recognising this fact, have tailor made this man and van service mainly for penniless postgraduates or under grads! You can also save more money by sharing the van with friends who are also in need of relocating their belongings at the end of term. So why not share this article with those friends you think might also be tempted to hire a man and van! So how does this service work? It’s simple really. Why not do some research and find London removals close by to avoid paying more than you have to? Remember local movers won’t charge for the long drive to get to your location and you’ll be saving on petrol expenses as well as time by going local. Meanwhile it’s far more likely that a local removal service can facilitate your needs much faster than a company who’s based in the next borough!Explain to the movers when you call up to find out prices, that you are a student. Outline your needs and how much you will want moving, to where and also give your preferred moving date. Some students also require storage space, as it may not benefit you to have all your belongings driven home for only three months during the summer break. You can also ask the company if they provide removals and storage… a perfect option for students. Some movers may also provide special prices for student man with van services.Another important point to remember is to tell the company if you’ll be sharing the van and will require multiple drop-off points. This shouldn’t effect the price too much, depending of course on the distances. Most man with a van services charge by the hour, so if all your drop-off points are within close proximity, you can expect to save on time and therefore money!When searching for the right man and van hire there are certain aspects to look out for. First of all, find out how long the company has been operating and if they are familiar with student relocation. The driver who comes with the van should be qualified and provide straps and trolleys to ensure your belongings are safe during transit. The van should be modern and clean and while compact, it should be able to accommodate about three to four rooms’ worth of stuff! However if you have a real collection of stuff, make sure to request furniture removals!
Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.