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How To Help Your Teenager Prepare For Their House Relocation

Posted on 28/03/2014

When you start planning for your house move there are lots of things to consider. From rental costs to removal companies, it’s easy to forget the little jobs when you’re faced with big problems such as these. However, if you’re moving into a new home with your teenagers then you need to take special care to include them in the proceedings – especially if it means that they’ll be moving schools or leaving friends behind! Here are some helpful tips for you to deal with moving house with your teenagers.1)    Break the news gently.Teenagers can take the news badly, whether you’re going to be moving up the street or to the other side of the country. If you’re thinking about moving house then don’t hide this from your children as this can cause a lot of problems. Instead, keep them in the loop about house viewings, which areas you’re looking at moving to and also explain why it is you want to move. Moving house can be exciting – especially if you’re moving into a bigger home! If you think your teenager might take the news badly then try to think of ways in which they’ll benefit from the move, such as having their own bedroom or being able to design their own room. 2)    Try to get them excited about their new home.It’s not always easy to get teenagers to agree with you, especially when it comes to moving house. There should be lots of positives to your move though, and if your teen isn’t sure about the move then try to find things out that they will appreciate. Maybe you’re moving closer to the city centre or perhaps you’ll be moving to a bigger home? Maybe you’re moving for a job opportunity that will mean more money for the family? Think of all of the pros of moving house and explain them to your teens so that they can see how they’ll benefit from the move. 3)    Throw a leaving party if you’re travelling far, or a housewarming party if not!If your teenager is going to have to move schools or say goodbye to their friends then why not let them throw a party? Try to let them take the reigns as much as possible so that they have a positive thing to focus on. When everyone else is busy planning to move, it can get boring and tedious for teens, so why not keep them busy by having them plan their own party? Even if you’re not moving far then a housewarming is a great idea! A housewarming isn’t just going to be beneficial for your children, but it will also help you get to know the neighbours and understand more about your new neighbourhood. 4)    Let your teenager be as involved as they want.If you teen shows an interest in the house move then you should definitely include them when it comes to house and property viewings. Remember that your teenager’s opinion is important and if they want to play a part in the move then you need to accommodate for that! 5)    Help your teenager decorate and design their bedroom.If you have the funds then why don’t you allow your child to decorate their own room? Even just a splash of paint and some new posters can make the difference between a happy teenager and a grumpy one, so speak to yours to see how they feel!
Steven Allen
Steven Allen

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