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05Jul 2024
Fabulous service from the team! They were punctual, effective, and very accommodating. They offered useful tips and arrived within 30 minutes of my request. Will definitely hire them again!
I. Villalobos
17Jun 2024
They offered superb service, marked by professionalism and efficiency. Ideal for anyone with a major move coming up.
Ibrahim V.
22May 2024
I cannot thank Moving Company Hackney enough for their outstanding service provided by their polite, courteous, and efficient movers. They kindly helped us locate our cat who was missing during the chaotic move. I would definitely choose them again for my next move.
Bailee P.
22Apr 2024
It's clear that Hackney Movers takes great pride in providing top-notch service, as shown by their dedication to customer service during my move.
Y. Lombardi
11Mar 2024
I am grateful for the peace of mind that comes with using Hackney Movers for my moves.
Tatianna Lennon
11Feb 2024
It's refreshing to know that there are still professionals out there who take pride in their craft like this moving team does.
Kali Witte
01Feb 2024
Save yourself the stress of moving and go with Hackney Removal Firm - their punctual arrival and thorough equipment take the burden off your shoulders.
E. Conway
22Jan 2024
The movers' organized approach and efficiency helped make the move go by smoothly and without any issues.
Mykayla L.
03Nov 2023
The staff members were speedy and highly proficient in tandem with being convivial.
Jaquelyn Gray
01Aug 2023
Once again, I am very much satisfied with Hackney Moving Services' services; trustworthy, polite and quick - what more could you ask for?
Darrion Jenkins
20Mar 2018
I would definitely recommend this moving company. They did so much for me and my family on moving day. I seriously don't know how I would have managed without the expertise of Hackney Movers.
Jailyn Gable
06Nov 2017
I wouldn't think twice about recommending Removals Hackney to anyone in need. I've never experienced professionalism like it. They were amazing when it came to helping me with my house removals task.
T. High
02Oct 2015
I had HackneyRemovals come and move my belongings into my booked self storage unit and they were just fabulous. The team arrived on time and they took care of all of the heavy lifting and everything. The last company I hired to move between houses had me and my friends getting involved with lifting so I was very impressed with this company!
Jovany Havens
31Jul 2015
I'm really happy with how HackneyRemovals handled my move. The service was very professional, on time and communicative. They made sure that I was updated every step of the way and it made the whole process seem very logical and easy.
F. Major
08May 2015
Me and my boyfriend were moving in together and I was so excited! We both hired the same company for our removals because my dad recommended them to me. HackneyRemovals have loads of vans and professional man and van teams in the area and I'd seen their vehicles around quite a bit. Anyhow, my boyfriend had a team and I had a team and we were kind of racing each other to the new house. You wouldn't believe it though because they both showed up at our new home at exactly the same time! It was like they co-ordinated the whole thing! They were so quick and efficient that we were snuggling up on our sofa that same evening.
R. Arthur
16Feb 2015
I understand that when a lot of people move they want the whole service from a company. I was a little different; I just wanted someone to come in and handle the packing elements that I was struggling with. Many removal companies wouldn't offer me ‘just that', however HackneyRemovals were different. They were accommodating to the fact that packing help was all I needed and that provide me with it with no questions asks. If you want a straight packing service, speak to the team and much like they did for me, they are sure to you give a professional service.
Noah Bader
15Jan 2015
When we started planning the office move, my staff members started getting a bit anxious. We were moving offices to the other side of town and there was a lot to take into consideration. I contacted HackneyRemovals and they were incredibly helpful. They gave me some great tips and advice on how to organise the office for the move. On the moving day, they were there on time and had all the right supplies to pack our office into a van and drive it across town. I was very impressed with all their services and they really helped reduce stress levels!
Samantha Acuna
13Aug 2014
The first time I used this company, it was for a relatively small removals job I needed done between my home and a garage I rent a few miles away and I was very impressed by the work rate of the removal men. So when I found myself later on needing a removal company because I was moving home, HackneyRemovals was naturally the first choice. Once again, they didn't let me down, arriving on time and getting the work done efficiently and transporting it all to my new address without any problems. I'm glad to be another satisfied customer of yours so well done.
J. Power
07Jul 2014
In many ways, the fact of the matter is that removals are difficult and can go very, very wrong. However, with HackneyRemovals I was lucky to find that the job could be done easily, cheaply and very successfully! I really was rather surprised by how smoothly the whole thing went ahead, and was delighted with how nice it was to have the team around. They made light work of a large job, and I can't fault them on anything, not least the price! A great team and a great job, excellent work!
Rhianna Gross
26Jun 2014
Must say that I'm hugely impressed by what HackneyRemovals has to offer in terms of house removals. As someone who worked in the industry and has seen every trick in the book, I know what to look out for. As someone who was relatively new to the area, however, it was important that I was able to find someone I could trust. I found these guys and that made my day. It certainly made moving easy and they were able to handle everything with aplomb. An excellent service which left me very impressed by the staff and the company.
Sherman Oliveira
11Jun 2014
Only a few hours after initial contact, a HackneyRemovals rep turned up at my office to give me a free survey. From here, they drew up a bespoke moving quote just for me, taking into account just what I needed - and what I was hoping to pay! Never met a company that took my budget into account when drawing up a price! Everyone I spoke to at the company was knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy. They were expert at dismantling furniture and fittings, and moving day sped by. Thanks a lot, you lovely people!
Liberty Pease
13May 2014
HackneyRemovals has been fantastic from start to end and I simply cannot thank them enough for their excellent work. They have been so helpful and useful the entire journey throughout my move and I honestly would have been a complete mess without them. So make the best decision you can make and hire them right now for the best removal services. Trust me, hiring them will definitely not be a mistake. Whether or not you like moving, this company just makes everything so much easier!
K. Greco
29Apr 2014
As this was my first move, I wanted to make sure that I did it properly. That meant getting the best help to guide me through a difficult process and when I asked around my friends and family, there was one name which always cropped up: HackneyRemovals were there to make sure that I got the very best service and they guided me through the entire process. As such, I can definitely say that I would suggest them if you are looking for the best help and I cannot stress enough how much they helped me move home.
N. Fisher
15Apr 2014
Having a decent set of people working with you on a domestic removal really is the best way to get it done in a stress free way. I can't stress enough how easily my last move with HackneyRemovals went, in comparison with how stressful other moves have been in the past. I was very happy to see that the team were extremely respectful of my belongings as well as ensuring that neither house got dirtied during the move. Combined with the great price that I got for the whole job, including a packing service, I was pretty chuffed all in all!
D. Goldman
29Mar 2014
I can't rate the services of HackneyRemovals enough; they were brilliant to deal with from the start to the finish of my relocation. I was on the move and wanted it done fairly quickly, and this removal company was able to deal with it. The complete move went smoothly, from an initial consultation about what services I required to a price and finally a date was booked. The price I was given was fair, and the date was great. I actually cannot believe how well my move went. The company was brilliant at handling the move at such short notice.
B. Kenny
19Mar 2014
All the help we got from HackneyRemovals made a big difference on our moving day. I've been through a few moves, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that not all moving companies are equal and some go above and beyond what is expected in order to ensure that we were happy throughout. It really was a great moving experience, and coupled with that, we were really happy with the price as well. If you're moving home, you can do a lot worse than hiring these guys to help you, they're the very best I've had the pleasure of working with.
Luke S.
28Feb 2014
Such a great service, it's a wonder that anyone hires any other companies. We've used HackneyRemovals a few times now to help us move and they always seem to provide the same excellent solutions no matter where we are moving to and from. With their help, I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed a move quite as much and I'd like to say thanks again for all the help they provided, and the price at which they did it too, made a big difference to the quality of the move. Brilliant and stress free, as always.
Brody M.
10Feb 2014
I haven't moved in years, at least until I had to. I was really worried about having to hire a company, as I didn't really know anyone and was worried about a few of my things. The team at HackneyRemovals, however, really took a lot of care of me and provided me with everything I needed to get moved into my new home really quickly. Not only did everything I own make it there in one piece, but it did so in a really quick and efficient manner which I really appreciated. Thank you again, and best wishes.
A. Benton
31Jan 2014
I contacted HackneyRemovals on very short notice, however they made a plan to fit us into their already hectic schedule. This company worked very hard and till really late in the evening packing, moving and then unpacking all of our items. We had to vacate our property within an hour of their arrival and somehow they managed to get the job done in time. Even when they off loaded our stuff into our storage unit, they took every precaution to pack everything perfectly to avoid damage and fit all our items into the one unit. We owe you a huge amount of gratitude for your help and will use you again when we move into our new home.
K. Caballero
21Jan 2014
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about HackneyRemovals. I knew I wanted to hire a man and a van to help me on my moving day but I just couldn't find a company that I felt I could trust! I have a lot of fragile and expensive items that I was really worried about moving on my own, but every removal service I looked into just didn't have the experience or were way out of my price range. I heard about this company and rang them up - I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and their dedication and I'm really glad I hired a man and van from them - I think everyone should if they want help with their removal needs!
Anjelica U.
07Jan 2014
I'd like to extend a great deal of thanks to the team form HackneyRemovals who made our recent removal a dream! I was expecting a nightmare, but they really pulled out all the stops in order to ensure that our move went well. As a result it was quick, easy, simple, and nothing was broken, which was a great surprise to find on the other end! We seriously could not have moved without them, so thank you ever so much from all here at the new Thomas house!
Colin Otto
28Dec 2013
I worked with HackneyRemovals to execute my apartment move. I am a busy professional and simply didn't have the time to do it myself. As soon as I called them, they got right into planning and preparing for my move. We worked out a moving schedule that was best for me and their staff were always prompt and ready to work when scheduled. The entire move was organized so the unpacking process was simple and quick. They even checked up with me after I had moved in to ensure that the full move went smoothly. Thanks for the great job!
Denver H.
18Dec 2013
HackneyRemovals provided a diligent man and van service for me just last month. I needed a room full of belongings moved from one place to another. I didn't have many belongings, but some items were fragile and large, so I needed expert packing tips. The staff at HackneyRemovals provided a customized removal service. They were careful loading my belongings into the full-equipped move in truck. The large size of the objects were not problem to these experts. All the staff members who completed my move were friendly and accommodating. I would choose this company again for any moves in the future.
Dillan D.
06Dec 2013
Moving house is a really difficult thing to do when you are a single parent with a full time job, so I was not exactly looking forward to having to do it all over again. Work takes me round the country sometimes, so I have had to move a few times, and it's never easy. HackneyRemovals made things a lot less stressful however, so I have them to thank for making the last time a lot easier. They were great to work with and the price was pretty amazing as well!
N. Jansen