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Surviving the big move takes a lot of patience, a lot of effort and a lot of planning. The madness can cause over-excitement and anxiety. Staying fit and well during a removal stage couldn’t be more important. We tend to neglect our health when we take on a big task, it can be tiring and overwhelming, so making sure you’ve got help in hand and time to yourself is key. To overcome the stress of moving takes careful steps and a big test of your own patience but with this guide you’ll be prepped and ready in no time.

Cool, calm and collected

Try to stay stress-free and calm. It’s hard to do but rushing will cause this. Last minute panicking will cause you to lose your calm and stress out. Remember to breath! Last minute and spontaneous decisions can turn out really well, but you will probably end up missing something important. The key to staying calm is to make sure you’re fully prepared and well-planned. Laying out a moving plan is vital but try not to overdo it, keep it plan and simple so you won’t confuse yourself. Those last minute details can help you to forget what’s really important. There are so many details to keep track of when moving that it’s easy to go slightly off track. Get the boring bits like legal and important documents out of the way and you’ll find packing and moving a lot easier and almost fun. Try to stay positive, motivated and refreshed.

Attention to detail

The checklist and home inventory is easy to obtain but keeping track of the smaller details need attention too. Use proper labels, packing tape and bubble wrap along with working out what will be packed first and last. Checking couldn’t be more important when moving so ensure you are properly checking as you go along and you do some final checks too. Nooks and crannies plus bigger drawers and cabinets are often neglected and forgotten about so check these for last minute items.
Keeping track of time is also important but try not to panic if you’re ten minuets behind schedule. Mishaps happen and certain tasks will take longer than others so try to expect the move won’t always run smoothly. Another detail is to check you have managed to relocate everything safe and sound and nothing is vulnerable to damage. Bills and paperwork should be sorted long before you move but make sure you don’t have any outstanding credit to pay off as this will only add to the stress.

Take it easy

Warming up and cooling down after moving is vital. Make sure your body is ready for loading and lifting. Even if you’re hiring help on the day you will probably have to do some of the work too. Don’t get stuck into moving without a light workout. A few simple stretches and regular breaks will help to keep you happy, healthy and well during moving. Eating properly and staying refreshed is also important during the summer months especially and will help to ease off any stress or extra pressure. The same absolutely applies for unpacking. You have to take it easy and rest up before you try and take on a huge load of boxes. Remember hired help is there for a reason so take advantage of it and don’t stress about getting everything done at once. Moving will take time and effort so your patience may well be tested but as long as you communicate with others and look after your general wellbeing, moving day and the follow up should be pain-free.