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If you are heading abroad for an extended period of time then you will likely be looking forward to it, as it will mean a change of scene and a chance to enjoy it, whether for work or play. However, having to deal with storage facilities – the best way to keep your possessions safe when going abroad is a bit of a spoiler to have to deal with. But deal with it you must, and there are plenty of things to consider when you are choosing storage whatever the situation, so have a read of our few hints and tips that should help you make the right choice when selecting your lock up.

Firstly, size is the main thing to get sorted before you make any payments. If you get the sizing wrong then you may have to rent another locker for a great expense which is inappropriately sized for the amount of overspill that it is accommodating! The best way to work out how much space you need is to find a room with a volume that you know the measurements of, and imagine all of your items in there. If you do not trust your special perception, then you may find that putting the items in the aforementioned room helps! If this is not possible, then pack all of the things that you need to store in to the corner of a room, or a garage, and do it as squarely as you can, imagining that there are two extra walls around the pile that you make. Mark out with tape where those walls go, and use the measurements to calculate the volume. Use the formula Width X Height X Depth to get the accurate measurement of the volume of your ultimate locker.

Be aware that the doorway may be slightly smaller than you imagine, so enquire as to the measurements of the entrance to avoid any nasty surprises when you arrive!

Next you should consider the location of your unit. Space in the city is more expensive as the land has a premium on it, just like rent or house prices, so it may make sense to use a countryside warehouse facility. Be sure that the price of fuel when getting to your unit does not outweigh the savings however, otherwise you may find you have invested in a false economy!

The condition of the unit is very important as well. If you are storing things then they will likely be very important or valuable to you. If you are storing things that are not worth much emotionally or monetarily, then you will likely be wasting a lot of money on renting the unit. Putting valuable things in storage is mainly to preserve their value right? So make sure that their value is definitely retained by using a unit that is well protected. Some units may be susceptible to extreme temperature change, and this can damage your items by warping wood and other materials. This process can change the shape of furniture and damage things like wooden instruments so be very wary. The onset of damp will seize up machinery, rust metal and rot away at wood and soft furnishings, which can completely ruin many things that were once extremely precious to you. This must be avoided at all costs.

If you feel like you have all of these three bases covered, then you can jet off abroad with peace of mind that your items are safely stored away! Bon voyage!