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Moving to East London will be a wonderful experience for you. If you are heading into the often scary sounding Hackney, then you will likely be surprised if you have never been there before. The district is full of life and character, made famous for its culture by the slew of artists and musicians that inhabit the area, making it the trendiest part of London for most. If you seek beautiful scenery, large open spaces as well as the hustle and bustle of a buzzing part of the capital then East London is for you, but the moving process can be such a battle that you may feel reluctant to even leave your current place! Your worries will be reduced dramatically if you find the best Hackney moving company, as keeping things local to your area will make everything much, much easier. Take a look through our short guide as to how to make your move a walk in the park by finding the right moving company for you.

Start by locating a few companies who are local to your current property. This will make you initial communications much easier, and there will immediately be time and money saved in the lack of distance that they will have to travel in order to get to you. Do a bit of research online and read up on each of the companies, making sure that they offer the right services for you. Some companies will only really do large houses, while some are more attuned to working on smaller moves. When you feel like you have found a few, maybe four or five, you can ring round and find out if they are available on the date that you need to do your Hackney move. Getting all of this done a couple of months in advance is a good idea, as it means that you can reserve your favorite company before they get booked up. It will also mean that you get the best prices, as many companies will be cheaper earlier on, and get more expensive if it is a last minute job, a bit like with booking a flight or train. When you have a few companies who can all work to your dates, ask them each if they do free valuations of the move. If so, get each one round and make sure that the person visiting is the person who will be working on your move itself, as this will mean you get a good chance to get to know them. Your personal relationship with the head of the movers will make all the difference between the move going well, and the whole thing failing. Communication is very important between you and the company, so if you two do not get on, then it can be a catastrophe!

The free valuation will give you a good idea as to how much you should be spending. Ask as many questions as you can about everything that the job entails, so that you know how much different aspects cost for each mover. This knowledge will give you a good upper hand when you are trying to barter down the price with various companies, as they will see that you know what you are talking about, and will be in a position in which they cannot hoodwink you with jargon and sales patter. Bartering is fine, as many companies will be able to reduce their rates, but if you do not know why you are asking for a cheaper quote, then it can get annoying, so be careful!