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Moving your piano can be a risky job as a piano is not simply another piece of furniture, but a musical instrument that must be moved with care and delicacy. It is crucial that when hiring a piano removal service, you choose a proper company that will give you the best services for the best price. Every part of a piano is diligently and carefully constructed and so it is pertinent that your moving company is knowledgeable about how best to move your piano to ensure its safety.

A piano is a very delicate instrument and has small pieces and delicate strings that must be carefully handled during the move and it is important that you hire a moving company that has experience with this type of removal service. Choose a company with a climate controlled van or vehicle as temperature and humidity changes can causes damages to the intonation and quality of the piano. In addition, the piano should always be preserved from water damages as even slight spills or other movement related traumas can cause permanent damage to your piano. A trained and experienced staff is necessary to ensure that your piano is protected and safe during the move. This may also include ensuring its protection when moving in and out of buildings, down tight corridors, through doorways and stairways. A good company will have the necessary expertise and equipment to do so in a safe manner. If they do not have appropriate specialised equipment, they should be able to arrange or order the equipment that is needed for safe transportation and installation. In addition, their staff will have experience and training moving a range of grand pianos and upright pianos from large and small locations such as attics, rooms, stages and concert spaces.

The service is a crucial aspect of any decision regarding companies that will be responsible for your personal belongings. As with any service, it is pertinent that you trust the employees to transport and deliver your piano promptly and safely. Their staff should be friendly and informative, and explain precisely what the job will entail. The staff should be punctual, courteous and professional when handling your piano so you feel comfortable letting them safely handle and transport such a valuable item.

It is advisable to check feedback and testimonials from trusted online sources, which will help you get an accurate picture of the job your company promises to do. You should ensure that their team is accredited and their employees are trained and experienced and also friendly, someone you can trust to safely move your piano. They should also be informed as to the destination location site if there are any peculiarities in the space – perhaps it is small, up a flight of stairs, etc. In addition, it is crucial that you pay attention to charges – do they charge more for heavy lifting or hourly rates? Will they charge more if they have to get extra equipment? How many movers are allocated to one single piano and what are your payment options? You should always know exactly how much you would be playing for the removal, as your company should give you an estimated cost for the price of the completed process. In addition, many piano removal specialists will offer insurance, as extra protection for your piano. It is always advisable to choose a professional piano removalist over a general furniture carrier as specialists have the expertise and equipment needed to transfer such a specific and delicate item. Ensuring that your piano is in safe hands is a crucial decision when moving your piano and choosing the right company may make all the difference.