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The Quick Move to Hackney

Posted on 06/12/2013

Most people prefer to move house in their own terms, planning and organizing the move step by step and knowing that they’ve taken care of everything before they head to the new location. Nevertheless, sometimes we can’t choose the time for the move and we need to consider a specific deadline. It makes the relocation even harder than it originally is. It can be extremely frustrating and stressful to plan a house move within a short period of time. If you are facing such a house move to the area of Hackney in London, but you are pressured by time, the following tips will be quite useful.

• Stay calm: Even if the deadline seems too close to the present day, you need to stay calm and focused. Being organized and in charge of the whole process of moving requires time, efforts and lots of quick decisions. If you want to make sure the move will go as planned, you can’t afford to stress out over the smallest things.

• Get help: The problem with house moves on a short notice is that even if you were planning to do a self-move, it’s almost completely out of the question to use this method. A self-move usually takes up longer time, which you wouldn’t have under the present circumstances. The wisest decision is to hire a professional removals company. However, keep in mind that the best companies and man-and-van services get hired as early as possible. It could be virtually impossible to hire a great moving company if your moving day is in two or three weeks, for example. Word-of-mouth recommendation will be quite useful – talk to friends and relatives who have recently moved and make a few phone calls to companies who might be available. Ask for quotes and base your choice on the quality of the offered service, not entirely on the fee.

• Get more help: If you can’t afford or find available packers, start packing yourself. Ask friends and relatives for help and pack everything, except the large furniture pieces and the major appliances. These usually need special handling and packing material. The movers can pack them on the moving day and load them safely in the moving truck.

• Deal with paperwork: The biggest problem with house moves on a deadline is that everything you do is in a rush. You need to gather copies of all your certificates, diplomas, personal documents, medical records and more. These usually take some time to organize, so it’s best to ask for transferal. Take the time to choose a school for your children, especially if you are moving during the academic year.

• Choose wisely: If you manage to hire a moving company make sure all the details of the move are stated in the written agreement and you get full coverage for the move. A reputable and licensed company knows the importance of safety and insurance, so don’t make any compromise with that.
If you don’t have much experience in moving house, and you need to get ready for the move in a limited timeframe, you might feel quite overwhelmed. Don’t despair – a move comes with lots of new opportunities and a chance to start fresh and anew. Stay positive and think about what you will gain, despite having to rush.

Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.