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Plan Your E9 Move Well In Advance - Avoid The Hassle Of Last Minute Removals

Posted on 06/12/2013

E9 is a wonderful area of London. Favored by the coolest of Londoners, East London is a haven for culture, style, art and good living. Your new place will be surrounded by leafy parks, lovely architecture, trendy bars and great restaurants, so you have much to look forward to in your change of scene. There is obviously a dark cloud brewing however, that you should not put off dealing with; the move itself. We all want to avoid the hassle of getting everything packed up and into a van for the transference of everything we hold dear towards another place, but it must be met head on and early!

Planning in advance is by far the most important part of making your move an easy affair. Letting the worry pile up on top of you until you cannot do anything about it is a sure fire way to make the thing unbearable. Planning in advance will resize the move in your mind as you can map the whole move out on to a single sheet of paper, and get a good head start on making things completely manageable form the outset. If you plan your E9 move well in advance, you can avoid the hassle of last minute E9 removals.

Start by drawing up a list of everything that you need to do, and how you are going to get it done. Do the list chronologically, so that you make allowances for the time that things will take, and you will gradually be able to see the sort of timeframe that you have to work with. This process will get your brain in to gear, and you will start to make connections and think of things that you maybe had not previously considered, and you will be able to slot them in to place. This will give you the perspective with which to work out what you can do when, and how you can save money along the way by working out alternate solutions for things that may be a little expensive. Run the list and time table past a friend or relative, as they will have a fresh pair of eyes with which to let you know what you may have missed, so that you can make a fully comprehensive and accurate list.

Accepting help is another big part of the move. Getting someone who can be a shoulder to lean or cry on is a great way to make the burden of organizing the move seem less. They can be a source of fresh ideas, new perspectives on problems and a mouth full of kind words if you are getting worried. Do not be too proud and think that you can do all of this yourself, as it is a lot of work for even the most organized of people.

The most important thing is to keep your head throughout the process. The planning may be mind numbingly repetitive and dull, and the move may be such a mad dash and hassle at the last minute, that you may find yourself banging your head against a wall, or stressing out in a big way. It is important that you avoid this, as it will put a serious strain on your relationship with everyone around you, like your family, helpers and the E9 removal men, all of whom you need to keep onside throughout the move. Turning in to a monster because you are panicked will make people resent working with you and everything will slow down, so be sure to avoid it!

Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.