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Considering Your Furniture's Safety During A Removal

Posted on 23/05/2014

When you are moving house, there will be a great many things to keep in mind, as there is simply so much that needs to be done. The intricacies of the timings, logistics and load of the items that need to be moved all need to work together in tandem in order for it all to make sense. You will find that there are many ways in which you will be able to go wrong on the removal, but one of the main issues that you will be concerned about, is the welfare of your belongings. Whilst you will be able to pack certain belongings in to boxes in order to protect them, your furniture will be at much more risk, because it is not as closely guarded. Having some thought in to how you want the furniture to be packed will ensure that you get a good idea of how you are going to protect it. One of the best ways to do this is to imagine the ways in which the furniture will be treated, and how that may mean that it gets damaged. You will no doubt understand that in the removals process, there is a lot of difficulty involving large and heavy items of furniture, and this will always mean that you are up against it in terms of trying to get the safety of the items to be considered. Moving a triple wardrobe up or down a flight of stairs will often result in a lot of knocks between the wardrobe and the walls, and whilst both need to be protected, the difficulty in moving the object will mean that the cosmetic aspect of the item moves to a lesser concern! Using your insight in to the process of moving the items and packing them in to the van, you can identify areas of the furniture that may be at risk. This will basically mean that you are able to cover up the corners, handles and other delicate extremities that you are worried might bet hit, or knocked off. Have a think about how the items will be laid in the van as well. It is likely that taller pieces of furniture like a wardrobe will be laid on their backs, to prevent the likelihood of them falling over. This means that you should protect the back. Most removals companies will provide blankets for the loading process, to ensure that nothing is scraping against anything else in the van, and to ensure that there is little chance of anything going wrong. You will however potentially benefit from having some large slices of cardboard, to ensure that you are able to slide them between the walls and the furniture as they are moved. This is especially useful if you are not able to tape protective card to the edges and corners of the items themselves, for whatever reason. Essentially, your main weapons in protecting the furniture’s safety are consideration for the threats at hand, and the protective measures that you can get sorted in advance of the move. You will find that it is pretty much impossible to be everywhere at once during the removal, unless you have a tiny house, so there has to be some faith put in the removals team when it comes to ensuring that your items are well looked after. However, if you have particular pieces that you are concerned about, then it is worth mentioning these to the head of the removal, to ensure that they are looked after particularly well.
Steven Allen
Steven Allen

Utilizing his expertise in removals, Steven offers informative articles on packing, household removals, and man and van rentals. Through his work, he has supported numerous individuals in accessing convenient and eco-conscious services.