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Hackney is a London borough with plenty green spaces. Finsbury park being the largest in the area, with plenty of sports facilities, from lawn bowls to athletics and tennis, there’s activities to suit all tastes. London fields has a different variety of sports on offer – it’s most well known for being the home of the only fully heated Olympic sized swimming pool in the whole of London. And finally, in Newington Green, there’s Mildmay Park, a smaller open space more suited to relaxation.

With all of this greenery on offer, you’ll want the move to be as stress free as the parks themselves. The best way to go about this is to hire a removal company. A removal company will cover most of the jobs associated with moving stress; loading, unloading and transport to name but a few. There are a few different types of moving companies; couriers, man and van movers and professional E8 removal firms, and there are many companies out there that fit these descriptions. There are two major steps to hiring a removal company, then; which type is for you, and once you have figured that out, which one of the many companies out there is most worth your time;


A courier service is basically a personal posting service. A trained professional will take your boxes and post them to the address of your choice. It’s an inexpensive service, but also quite limited because the average courier can only transport one or two boxes. So if you’re planning a temporary move or if your move is a small one, it might be worth going for a courier. It won’t break the bank, and is stress-free.

Man and Van companies

A Man and van company is a more conventional Hackney moving service. It normally comprises of one man and his van, but he will sometimes employ a little extra help. They’ll roll up, load everything up, drive it to your new home, and unload it with the same care and attention. They’re more expensive than the courier, obviously, but they tend to be far less expensive than a professional mover. Not just because of the base price, but they tend to be easier to barter with. A man and van company is suited to medium/large sized moves with a small budget.

Professional removal firms

So, a Professional moving company E8 is more expensive than a man and van company, and they basically offer the same service. The advantages, however, for those with the extra money to spend tend to be worth it. There are usually more trained staff at your disposal, and insurance always comes as standard. This means that your goods are in safer hands, and your move will move along at a more brisk pace. For this reason, a professional mover is best suited to any size move outside of the smallest, but with those with a budget that can incorporate it.

How to hire the best company for you

Once you’ve decided which type is for you, it’s time to find one that’s worth your time. I think you’ll agree that a removal company needs to be dependable, efficient and affordable. A company with all of these can be found by doing a little research. Make a list of all of your local companies – be sure to look in local newspapers as well as on the web. After you’ve made a list, look on customer review web sites. The ones with the most happy customers are the ones most worth your time. Only once you’re sure that they deliver on their promises should you ask for cost estimates.

So, there you go. Your move to Hackney will be a less stressful experience with the help of the right removal company. Put a bit of time into your research, and the removal will reward you in kind.