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The E9 post code area of London is a fine example of East End living. Victoria Park (more commonly known as People Park) is one of the major beauty spots. It’s a wide open space which contains some great angling spots, as well as a variety of wild life. The E9 in general was very important when hosting the 2012 Olympic Games – so you can add some extra sporting credentials into the mix.

It’s a fine place to move to. But for many people, moving isn’t an option due to the costs associated with hiring a moving company. They’re typically too busy to handle any sort of move on their own, but can’t afford to hire a professional mover. This doesn’t have to be the case, though, because there is a third way; Man and van removal firms.

A man and van removal firms exist to give potential movers a less expensive alternative to the traditional moving company. They’ll offer all of the same services and advantages, but for sometimes as little as a fraction of the price. You have access to all of the same advantages. A well trained man and his well-maintained van will arrive on pretty much any day you want. They will load all of your moving boxes and whatever else you need to move, take them to the other side of the country if need be, and do all of the unloading. Some will even help you unpack if you ask them.

They’re perfect for any size E9 move, as vans ran by these companies are as varied in size as moves can be. So if you have a small budget, or just want to save some extra cash, a man and van company is definitely the way to go. Though to minimise your expenses properly, you’ll have to be sure that you hire the right E9 man and van for the job. Looking in local newspapers for companies is a good start, and you should make a list of all that suit your moving needs. If you need a large van, be sure to hire a firm that runs one. If you would rest easier knowing they have proper insurance cover, then ask them about it before you enter into a business deal with them.

Perhaps the most efficient way to find a man and van company that’s worth your time is to ask someone you know for guidance. Anyone who’s used one before and was happy with the result will be a great asset to you. A company that has given good customer service in the past should still be offering good service today, so if you’ve been given a recommendation, they’re worth a shot.

Once you have made a short list of companies that suit your moving specifications, you can then see if they fit your budget. If their initial cost estimate is out of your league, don’t be afraid to haggle. One of the advantages of hiring a man and van company over a professional mover is that they’re usually a one man operation, so they’re typically more easy going. A company that’s more easy-going is usually easier to barter with.

An man and van firm is definitely the way to go. Whether you’re moving to the E9 or elsewhere in the country. They’ll offer a more personal touch at a more affordable price. Man and van movers open up moving possibilities to those who usually wouldn’t be able to afford it.