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When relocating home there are a lot of things you need to do but what most people ignore when they relocate without professional help is to buy moving blankets. Furniture removals Hackney has created a list with all the things you need to know about the pad wrap.

1. What are moving blankets?
Moving blankets keep your items from getting damaged during your relocation. They are pads or blankets used for wrapping the items which need transportation. They are thick, large and professional movers use them to cushion your furniture and boxes before loading them in the vans.

2. Where can you get them from?
Moving blankets are usually provided by your furniture removals in Hackney but if you are doing the job by yourself then it is your responsibility to purchase some. And yes, the answer to the question “do I really need them?” is yes. There were many people who relocated without using them and regretted after since their furniture got damaged along the process. You can buy them on the internet, or if you have such facilities in the area you live, you could rent them for a smaller price.

3. How many types of moving blankets there are?
Aside from the material they are made of , the pads are divided in three categories: The skins are the ones that have no padding whatsoever, the economy ones which are padded and usually the cheapest ones and the premium blankets which are also padded but different when it comes to the type of the outer fabric.

4. Should you rent or buy moving blankets?
You should buy them only if you know you`ll be moving around a lot. Or, as some people do, use them for soundproofing; otherwise it would be best to rent them.

5. How to protect your belongings with moving blankets?
For this job you will definitely need to use a thicker pad. Lay it out and then try to bring every corner of the pad in the middle of your item, wrapping it in the pad. Despite the fact that most people use this process only for the sturdier objects, you don’t have to neglect other items (such as pillows) either. You don’t just put them in the van, without a pad or protection as they might get stained. The wrapping system is the same, and if you notice the pad is too small to entirely cover your item, then you need bigger pads.

This is the rough guide on how to use moving blankets provided by furniture removals E8 and you should always do more research on the subject if you intend to move by yourself and use moving blankets. The advisable option would be to hire a professional removal company as they will know exactly what to do and how to do it. Moreover it might cost you less that if you did it yourself but, in the end, the decision in entirely yours. If you are sure that you can handle the job, always remember to buy good quality packing supplies as they will protect your items better.