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Moving to the E8 post code in London is a good idea. This part of the east end is home to Hackney Central, which is home to a rich musical culture. For example, the Hackney Empire music hall is one of the oldest in the whole of Britain, and played host to Charlie Chaplin in his prime. Dalston has its share of musical venues too; The Vortex Jazz club being one of the most popular. If you have no interest in music, don’t worry. London Fields is located in the E8 too, it’s a wide open space that has a variety of different sporting facilities, including the only heated Olympic-sized swimming pool in London.

So, if there’s an upcoming removal that you have to deal with, there are a few things to consider. The removal company being arguably the most important. Deciding to hire a removal company is a big deal, because by doing so you’re spending some extra cash to take a lot of the work off your shoulders. These companies won’t just handle the transport. They’ll also handle the loading and unloading, and the disassembly and reassembly of the larger furniture pieces. If you want the packing doing, some removal companies offer that service too. But if they don’t, there are packing companies that will handle that process for you, too. Here are some price breakdowns for these two services;

Removal firms

With regards to companies that’ll handle the move for you, there are essentially three types, each built with a specific budget and move size in mind;

There’s the courier services, which are a low cost, low volume solution to those only moving one or two boxes. And on the other end of the scale, you’ve got E8 Man and Van removal companies and the professional moving companies E8. Both of which can handle family sized moves, but for different price points. The Man and Van movers are substantially cheaper, but often don’t come with insurance, and often employ less staff, so the move will take a little while longer. The Professional movers cover the weaknesses of the man and van movers, but at a substantial premium.

To break it down even further; the courier services are for those on a low budget and handling a small move. The man and van movers are for those who are taking on a larger move, but on a low to medium budget, and the professional E8 removal companies are for the people with a larger budget.

Packing companies

The prices you pay for packing companies depend on how much you want packing. If you want a full packing service, expect to pay the most. If you only want some specific items packing, like just the valuables or just the furniture, you can save some money.

You can save money too by simply requesting either the packing or the unpacking and not both. So choose which one you’re less likely to have time to do. If you’re not confident in your ability to pack, then go for that one. If you feel you won’t have time to unpack because of all the other moving arrangements, go for that one. Choose which one is the bigger convenience, that’s what these services are for.

So, by hiring a removal service, you can spend more time focusing on your own journey, rather than worrying about your goods. Removal companies are properly trained in proper driving techniques as well as handling techniques, and the packing companies are properly trained in their area of expertise. If you’re willing to put in some extra cash, you will be rewarded with a less stressful Hackney move.