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Deepest Hackney may sound like a scary and overly urbane place, but in fact, E8 is one of the nicest districts of London. While East London in general has had an amazing spurt of growth over the last twenty years, it is the leafy areas surrounding Columbia road, Broadway Market and London Fields that are providing the nicest retreats for the capitals coolest residents. Whether you love cycling along the canal, walking the dog round Victoria Park or admiring the architecture of the Victorian houses in the area, there is something for everyone in the area. Despite all of this, the struggle of moving house can put a dampener on things no matter where you are moving, so here are 8 great tips for an efficient move to E8.

1. Plan. Planning in advance will save so much time in the long run that you would be stupid not to. Start thinking about things a good couple of months in advance, and you should get everything sorted in good enough time that you can get everything that you have planned sorted in the right time. Getting everything on paper will make the whole thing seem a lot more manageable as well.
2. Get a helper. Designate a friend or family member to be your right hand man during the move. They can advise on certain things as well as lend a hand physically with packing. Reward them with a few drinks in the pub when you’re all done!
3. Get your packing materials cheaply by looking in to local furniture shops for boxes and packing paper.
4. Book your removal team well in advance. This will ensure that you have time to get the whole thing sorted, as well as being the best chance of getting a cheap quote on the move. if you do your research properly, then you should put yourself in good stead to be able to work out who will give you the best service for your money. Having a decent knowledge of the job will mean that you have the upper hand when you attempt to barter down the price as well!
5. Get the new place sorted in advance. Sprucing up the new house should be done before you get all of your new stuff in. This is for a couple of reasons; you will be much more able to perform the work when the place is empty, as there will be more room to move in, and you will be able to get ladders and the like around. It is also useful because it saves you getting your belongings messy, especially if you are dealing with high volumes of dust or paint!
6. Sort out the parking restrictions for the areas that you will be loading and unloading in. Moving in London can be particularly troublesome for exactly these reasons. Parking fines can be severe and you don’t want to ruin your first day at a new house in a lovely area if you are facing a hefty fine!
7. Make sure that your children are in safe hands during the home removal E8. You can imagine the kinds of accidents that could be caused by a bored set of kids getting underfoot as your removers are trying to move heavy items!
8. RELAX! Keeping calm will make you a much more level headed and lovely person to work with. Getting stressed will put a serious strain on your relationship with the E8 movers and your family, both of whom you will need to be on your side!

We hope that these 8 handy hints will make your move an easy one!